The Why Declarations

1) We resolve to cultivate clarity.

2) We resolve to work for the day that all humans belong to the skilled class.

3) We renounce our support of the foundations of intercultural discord.

4) We resolve to keep our sense of beauty and wonder alive.

What are the real moral problems in today’s world?

Today, liberal progressives know that overpopulation, climate change, and intercultural discord, the later exacerbated by the former, are the real threats to humanity and all complex life forms on the Earth. So why are we still promoting ethical systems that encourage overpopulation and intercultural discord?

Why does my government allow tax free status to organizations that teach their pre-logical children that anyone who doesn’t call God by the right name is going to hell?

Why does my government allow tax free status to organizations that preach that any of their law abiding fellow citizens are going to hell?

For that matter, isn’t the whole concept of eternal punishment in hell outmoded?

The major religions arose in response to particular historical situations. I say they have worked to the degree they are going to work.

It’s time to liberate ourselves from having to obey commandments given for a different time. It’s time for us to grow up and take responsibility for our own souls. Yes, we’ll make mistakes. That’s life.

The Why Declarations are the result of my thoughts about how I can work for a better life, my suggestion to replace the ten commandments, my goals for my personal spiritual development. No more commandments written in stone. Goals that I can strive toward? Yes. Goals that I explore the effect of in The Convolution of Knomo Choicius, and in the development of the Assembly of the Seekers of Self Evident Truth, which the main characters of Knomo organize and promote? Yes.

I’m not promoting an end to freedom of speech. I’m promoting an end to tax exemptions for organizations that sow discord. Even if they do charitable work. Let them do their charitable work under another organization that is separate from the discord sowing group, if they want tax relief. My two cents.

I’m also promoting a flat social hierarchy. Isn’t this Biblical? Didn’t Samuel warn the Israelites of the danger of having a king? That doesn’t mean we get rid of specialization. It means that we work toward showing FINANCIAL appreciation for sanitation workers as well as doctors, lawyers, and athletes.

The last of the Why Declarations, keeping our sense of beauty and wonder alive, is an antidote to all the pains and sufferings of life.