Stochastically Enhanced Automatons

This little piece was from the prompt “Cleaning” in my writing group this morning. I am not generally a fan of cleaning! Here goes!

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The house is almost always sorely in need of cleaning.

But she doesn’t care. She’s more interested in cleaning the doorways to her perceptions. No matter what Plato thought about the matter, it is pointless to act like humans can divorce knowledge entirely from perception. The best we can do it to learn to disentangle the layers of interpretation from the bare facts. Without the integrated, advanced automatic interpretation features incorporated into our brain/mind, we humans would merely be another species of stochastically enhanced automatons.

But our rational minds allow us to think in a self-referential manner. We can, or we are capable, that is, or knowing ourselves to be both embedded in the fabric of reality, and apart from it. The lion, the amoeba, and the dust mote don’t have the ability to move out of the binding ties of Indra’s web.

See also this link for a beautiful image of Indra’s web.



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