Confusion is the Starting Point of Wisdom

Confusion is the starting point of transforming the world into something new. Confusion makes us stop and if we are attentive to our state of confusion, we will nurture it into a full blown dilemma. Only a full blown dilemma provides the material for new vision. Who cares to keep looking out from the same eyes at the same world? Only those who have successfully cultivated personal wealth, health, and influence.

Teachings of the Great Merwegon

Volume 1, Chapter 4

Comments: I haven’t been making too much progress on my new novel, “Moses of Kosbar,” but wrote this in the group to a prompt of “confusion, dilemma,” and it was well received. I realized that I haven’t really tried to develop the character of the wise one of the planet Kosbar, the one who founded the new religion of the indigenous inhabitants of the planet far from Earth, that eventually gets colonized by homo saps. So I ended deciding to attribute the little saying to Merwegon. We’ll see where Merwegon’s personality goes!



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