Joy Arises from the Very Ground We Stand Upon

A few months ago, I decided to memorize the Chicago Address of Swami Vivekananda. I’ve been letting his spontaneous words of upliftment on the root causes of bigotry, fanatacism and violence diffuse into my mind.

I’ve also been “channeling” a fictional wise woman that I created for the Moses of Kosbar novel that’s going nowhere fast. But I have been enjoying channeling Merwegon. Maybe you will also ponder her message from this morning. It was an attempt to use the language of Vivekananda and the knowledge of Merwegon. See what you think!

Sisters and Brothers of Kosbar!

Joy arises from the very ground we stand on, if we can but learn to tune ourselves to its wavelength. Those who curtail our actions can only fail miserably when they try to contain our thoughts. Rather, the thought patterns of all beings who experience consciousness are concentrated, filtered and rebroadcast at the time of the cessation of their bodily processes. The resultant thought fields rush to fill the cosmos, resonating with the ready along their way.

Brothers and sisters, please remember that the good and the true will overcome the forces of chaos in the end times. This must be the case, as the good and the true are an emanation of the real, while what we perceive as evil is simply the system noise of the fundamental functions of the eternal transformation of consciousness into energy, energy into matter, and their reversed analogues.

Perfection, unlike joy, arises not from the ground we stand on. The perception of perfection results within the concentration of matter called the brain. All perceptions, visual, auditory, and those of both longer wavelengths and denser energy fields, are inherently perfect. Only perfection allows description, and description births perfection. You may wish to think about this a little longer. It might not mean what you first think.

The apprehension of the simplicity of perfection reveals the perfection of simplicity. We are but channels for the evolution of the hierarchy of the levels of the signal processing guardian system. This guardian system allows us to see what matters. This is not a tweak to our signal processing system. This is the essence of our mind. We choose to take as axiomatic that we have, together, one mind. We also have individual small minds, that are where the initial signal processing is performed.

Our guardian system allows us to access freedom of thought. We save our enemies because of how we have freely evolved. We give charity to those who ask because of how we freely evolve. We choose to save our enemy because we choose to become someone who saved our enemy. How much easier will we then find it to choose to become someone who gave charity to those with empty chairs and empty tables?

A message from The Great Merwegon

Still not getting anywhere with the second novel, I’ve been “helicoptering,” a creative writing technique where you write whatever scene occurs to you, even if what comes before it has not yet been created. I realize that my character, “The Great Merwegon,” was not developed. So I’m making up her teachings. Oh yeah, I decided she’s a female prophet. Most wisdom is wisdom, but maybe Merwegon will come up with some teachings that only a woman would. Of course, she’s not a woman. She’s a Winged Being of Kosbar, that planet far away that exists only in my mind.
The prompt was “It’s not all in your HEAd.”

“And this brings me to my next point,” Merwegon said, her finger pointing, in turn, at each of the members of the small group gathered around her.

“It is never all in your own head. Never. Whether we believe it or not, we always depend on knowledge stored in the collective consciousness. At the time of specific need, the tendrils of our mind reach out to access the facts, opinions, stories, legends, and myths of all the contents of eternity.

“The quality of the transmission back to your brain depends on how hard you have worked to maintain the health of your mind tendrils. This is done by cultivation of clarity.

“If you don’t also minimize the static in your physical neurons, by proper lifestyle, you won’t be able to isolate the wisdom signal.”

Merwegon sat down, and looked, in turn, at each of her disciples, coming to rest, with a longer gaze, on the face of Alitonia.