Some Poems

The Only Witness

Copyright Shona Moonbeam

Audio Recording by Patrick Doyle

Once I saw a sunset.
Spectacular red, orange, purple
God’s blue canvas.

Often I see grey clouds and
wonder how the shapes arise.
They rarely fit into the neat little categories
that are depicted in the weather books.
No less God’s masterpieces.

Once I looked west along Bridge Street in Grand Rapids,
around ten am, and saw the man in the moon
wearing a mustache.
So God’s a cartoonist too.
But for this one, I’d bet
I’m the only witness.

November 19, 2015


You showed me the jewel of your faith,
But I thought it was made of glass.
And then I woke up,
and saw it for what it was.

Your showed me the diamond of your faith.

And I saw faith.


Without darkness to dispel,
light has no value.

Without suffering to assuage,
compassion has no task.

Without the female,
what defines the male?

Without evil,
who can recognize good?



What is the sound of one hand clapping?
The sound of silence, of course.
What could be simpler?
Silence is filled with
everything we want to hear,
everything we fear to hear,
everything we’ve ever heard,
and everything we’ve never heard.
And of course, sometimes, just

Where Did Homo Saps Come From, Anyway?

An answer in five Haikus.

Heat dissipated

and crystals nucleated

the Rocks of Ages.

Rain scoured the rocks.

Small cracks multiplied

sand grains, freed to roam.

Lightening sparked union

of carbon, hydrogen, and

oxygen atoms.

Molecules arose,

mingled, merged, emerged as new

complex, craggy shapes.

Crags caught each other,

multiplying possible

outcomes. Here we are!