Various Writings

The Daughters of the Land: Genesis 34, Take 2

A new vision, a feminist, youth empowering version one of the most troubling chapters of the Bible.

Ishtar and Tammuz, a very ancient myth, revisited

Why does the Eastern Orthodox Church show Jesus in the Madonna paintings as a miniature man, rather than a baby? Find out HERE!

The First Alchemist

Where did humans get the idea that we could transmute lead to gold? Well, if you look closely at a monarch butterfly chrysalis, toward the end of the transformation, you might see that they go beyond even this miracle!

Some Poems

I’ve written poems on all sorts of topics, mostly my mystical view of reality. Hope you enjoy.


Epistemologia, The First

In the Now, is the Known.
In the Now, is the Unknown.
In the Now, is the Knowable.
In the Now, is also the Unknowable.

For the Now is what’s known.
And of the Unknown, it may Knowable or Unknowable.

Today’s Known may be tomorrow’s Unknown, just as
yesterday’s Unknown has sometimes become today’s Known
and other times, been recognized as the Unknowable.

The Known, the Unknown, and the Knowable, are Children of Time.
But the Unknowable is eternal.

Epistemologia, The Second

Even as the Unknowable is eternal, it changes,
One day, we may meet some other who knows,
or figure it out for ourselves,
thereby changing ourselves.

Yet even at that meeting, the Unknowable will laugh,
as one who knows itself eternal, always sowing
a new crop of questions.

For there will always be a mystery, and it’s name is the Unknowable.
In the past, we hid the mystery, as we were the babes of eternity.

But now we are bold enough to hold the truest mystery up
as our lamp, whether it attract the demons or repel them.

We have walked enough roads to renounce the pseudo mysteries,
in favor of the real ones.

Epistemologia, The Third

If we look with quick eyes, we will find the revealed truths of another.
A steadier gaze is required to find our own self evident truths.
All sons and daughters of the Known,
we must remember that even if
the revealed truth seems to walk with a steadier gait,
our own truth may be more reliable.

In either case, for good results, we must properly define
the conditions in which we found our truth.
That’s the hard part. Harder than finding the truth in the first place.

An always imperfect process, always leaving a piece of the
Unknown for someone else to study.

Because self evident truth is not available to the casual observer.
And no truth worth the name is everywhere eternal.


Some Lighter Fare…


Seeing My Back Yard With New Eyes


triangle barn roof casts right
triangle shadow

this November morn.
White shadow trails the dark one
as sun warms the frosted grass.

November 8, 2015


Beyond the window
wind sways almost bare branches.
Leafy hearts flutter.


Writer’s Workshop, 2015

Rectangle Table.
Seven humans sit to write.
Or think about it.

November 7, 2015