The Convolution of Knomo Choicius

The Convolution of Knomo Choicius, The Book

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Susan Butler, PhD, professor of ancient history, and freethinking  specialist in the lifestyles of the underclass in early civilizations, mines the mythological record of the neolithic and reaches for infinity in her search for a spiritual path for the new humans, Homo Knomo Choicius. Her adventures with the Assembly of the Seekers of Self Evident Truth inspire both a new generation of egalitarian optimists, and one of disciplined Bohemians, the self proclaimed Happy End Timers, inspired by the Reverend B. T. D. That. The Ohmegon dragons bring the key to a new way of life, so that Homo Saps and Knomos alike can enjoy the gifts of other civilizations, from the far reaches of the Milky Way, and beyond.

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The audio below is the author reading what now appears as the first two chapters of the Star Fool saga portion of the entire work. Have a listen!


The Twenty Third Trump

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